Tube & U Tube

Nulon’s speciality tubes are suitable across a wide range of projects. From insulating pipes to cable protection, we carry a wide range of stock suitable for your project.

Nulon’s flexible manufacturing allows us to work with our clients to provide a fully customised solution. Our tubes have been developed over a period of time for a wide range of applications. From the protection of corners and doors to pilates rollers, we will work with you to develop a product to best suit your needs.

Applications for tubes and U Tubes include:

  • Foam rollers used in pilates, gym exercises, indoor and outdoor sports;
  • Insulation for thermal and acoustic applications;
  • Packaging and insulating pipes;
  • Motorsports roll bars;
  • Athletic and sports equipment protection e.g. ice skating rinks, sports poles;
  • Flotation e.g. hobby craft;
  • Slit tube.


Tube & U Tube

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Posted: Wednesday, 03 Feb 2016