About Us

Nulon is a New Zealand-owned specialist in polyethylene foam, with an extensive product range for packaging and construction.  At our factory we manufacture sheet foam, backing rod, underlay and leisure equipment, as well as bubble protection wrap and heavy duty transit wrap that can be customised to your requirements.

Nulon proudly manufactures our polyethylene and associated products in New Zealand. Our expertise is in delivering solutions across a variety of applications, from packaging to construction, manufacturing and leisure.

Our personalised and professional service has been the benchmark since 1997. From the initial concept to sampling and mass production, owner Mark Dowling will work to ensure clients receive the product that best suits the application at competitive pricing. Our products are ozone friendly and recyclable.  Give Mark and the team a call to discuss your needs.

Our Environmental Commitment

Nulon is committed to ensuring its processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable.  All the products we manufacture are recyclable, and we work to ensure that any waste we produce is recycled in the right way.

 The benefits of polyethylene foam recycling:

  • Reduction of environmental pollution
  • Reduction of energy and resources  
  • Decrease in transportation and storage costs
  • Increased business efficiencies